Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Model Charged With Flashing Her Vajayjay

Some people just don’t know when to stop. This chick Devan Serpa, 29, was arrested in Louisiana in connection with a shooting got locked up. No one was hit but there were bullet holes in two vehicles. That alone didn’t earn her a place in the news because as Slick Rick once said, “That type of shit happens everyday.” No, Devan is in even more trouble because of what she did while locked up. While being booked she decided that it would be a good idea to show her goods to a jailer. Now, when I first heard about this I thought maybe it was after being locked up for a few days she got the need to behave a little frisky. Maybe get a little extra gravy on her biscuit. I mean that literally. Like, I don’t mean that sexually in any way. So because of this she was slapped with an obscenity charge as well. Before that she was charged with illegal use of a weapon and aggravated criminal damage to property. I wonder why she was standing around hanging out with folks that would encourage her to shoot at cars just parked on the street. Maybe if she lived on Wilshire I'd get it. Parking is terrible there.

She does modeling as well the same way anyone that is attractive does meaning that someone has taken pictures of her, slapped a watermark on it, and she is now a model. You know the funny part about this? She just picked the wrong guard. I'm sure that if she had gotten arrested for illegal shit at the right time that some guard would've tried to tap her. But she got a guy that was happily married or just not feeling it that day. Next thing you know she got new charges and a mugshot that is a 7 out of 10 in terms of hot mugshots. In case you're wondering Kimora Lee Simmons is the leader for 10 years running with Michelle Rodriguez running second. The reports say nothing about any alcohol or drugs being involved which is surprising because in my history it takes one or both of those things for a woman to flash me some of that good stuff. But this chick seems to be just offering it up in jail for free. When you think about it that's pretty nice of her. If I ever went to jail the last thing I'd ever do was flash my piece. To cops, prisoners, or even in the shower. This woman was like whatever. Here it is. You like what you see? No? Oh, well. Slap another charge on, lawman. 

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