Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Dante Vs. Nature 43

Oh, boy. In Seattle this guy who wanted to kill a spider ended up burning his house down. Bet you're wondering how killing something that is so small can turn into a home being burned to the ground. While in his laundry room he spotted a spider and figured that his only option to kill it was to use a lighter and spray paint. The wall burst into flames and then the rest of the house followed suit. The home, which is...was a rental, will cost about $40,000 to repair. Red Cross is putting him up until he finds a place for him and his woman to live. Nope. If I ever did something this dumb I'd lie my ass off about the cause. Were there no shoes in his home to kill the spider with? This is the kinda dumb shit you'd do if you were 9 years old and feeling particularly pre-sociopathic. This guy should be homeless and single. Its not like I'm defending spiders. Fuck spiders. But fuck stupid people more.

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