Monday, July 21, 2014

The New Breed Of Teachers

This post is going to be close to the opposite of what I just posted. Full of double standards and wrong ideas that most people wouldn't share with the public. Another hot teacher is in trouble for having sex with a student. Danielle Watkins, 32 of Connecticut, is being charged with sexual assault and selling weed. She was boning an 18 year old student and said that she was going to fail him after he tried to end their fling. The guy told police in Stamford that they had been having sex from September of last year until June of this one. He said that he and Danielle had sex during school hours but not on school grounds. On lunch breaks I'm guessing. Danielle is married with two children and let the guy drive her car even though he had no license. She also gave him weed. If this wasn't a teacher it sounds like this would be a pretty cool relationship. She also sent him naked pictures of herself because that is what nice people do for one another. The victim says when he tried to split with her she also accused him of being with someone else and assaulted him.

After police found out about her nonsense Danielle was pulled over and started getting mouthy with cops as they searched her car. She tried to hide her cell phone (which never works) as well. They found marijuana in her car and then took it along with her phone. On the phone they found 2,000 text messages, hundreds of phone calls, and naked pictures sent to the guy. Why did she save that stuff on her phone? Is that something you cell phone users do? She has been placed on administrative leave by the school.

“We are aware of the allegations. We take these issues very seriously and always act to protect the welfare of our students” Stamford School District Superintendent Winifred Hamilton said after one of the students was blackmailed and had sex with a staff member.

Watkins turned herself in and has been charged with selling weed and two counts of second-degree sexual assault. She is also being charged with involvement with a 15 year old student. She posted $100,000 bail and was released. Damn. This story has everything. It's every parents nightmare and every guys fantasy. Sorry. Most guys. There have been so many of these stories coming out that it is hard to even keep up with them. You can't make sure that it stops because that is impossible. As long as humans are involved humans will fuck up. It would be hard for most men, let alone a teenager, to turn this woman down if she was slanging that good stuff at them. And throwing drugs into the mix? Come on, now. A man can only take so much. This woman did a whole lot of wrong and it is surprising that she was able to get a bail set let alone post it. A hundred grand is a shit ton of money to spend on a guilty person. If I ever did some shit that caused me to get locked up for more than $1,000 I'd just make sure I got comfy because there'd be no way in hell I was getting out anytime soon. If you told my parents my bail was $100,000 they would laugh and hang up the phone. I wouldn't bail Santa Claus for that much. 

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