Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Reporters End Up In Hospital Because Of Burger

Two British journalists named Arron Hendy and Ruari Barratt ended up at a hospital after eating a hamburger. This wasn't like that poison burger I had when I worked at the hospital and got food poisoning that lasted six days. They both had one bite of a burger called XXX Hot Chilli Burger. They stopped at a place called Burger Off where they got to experience getting wrecked by food. The paper they work for, Argus, reported “After taking one bite he decided the burger was too spicy to eat anymore and was physically OK after drinking lots of milk.” Now, if someone I am hanging with eats a burger and stops after one bite chances are I'm not gonna try it. I'm just not that adventurous and I value my asshole enough to play with it this way. If it's hot going down it's gonna be close to as bad coming out. But not everyone thinks like me because the other reporter, Barratt, who is in training took a bite. He got it worse.

“He took a bite and minutes later suffered severe stomach pains, which increased. He lost the feeling in his hands, his legs were shaking and his eyes rolled back in his head.” They say that Hendy started getting these same symptoms but later. Hendy later said “If you're thinking of trying this burger for a dare, just don't.” Thanks for the advice!

The sauce used for this burger from hell comes from the piri piri chili that comes from India. They take 11,000 pounds of this chili and turn it into 2.2 pounds of the sauce. Read that again. You can almost feel your stomach, tongue, and ass quiver.

The Argus reports that the sauce, made in India, used 11,000-pounds of piri piri chili's concentrated into just 2.2 pounds. You ever have a Serrano pepper? Those have a Scoville scale number between 10,000 to 23,000. The Scoville scales shows how hot something can be. These range from 50,000 to 175,000. Fuck all that. The articles I found this story on lied and said the scale was between 7-9 million which means they don't fact check. The hottest pepper recorded is the Carolina Reaper which measures at 2,200,000. I don't know why anyone would do that to themselves. If I ate something and it did any of the three things that happened (losing feelings in hands, shaking legs, eyes rolling back into my head) that wasn't a vagina, I'm running through traffic to get to a hospital.  

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