Monday, July 21, 2014

The Most Deserved Ass Kicking

How do you feel about instant justice? I like it. Some people call it karma immediately proving that they have never bothered to look up the definition of the word. I think it's just the universe righting itself is an rather quick manner. I saw this story and it reminded me of things I have said regarding being a father. No, I am not a father and never will be, but that doesn't keep me from fantasizing being a Liam Neeson level dad that will risk prison in honor of my children. An unnamed father in Florida beat the living shit out of this assclown, 18 year old Raymond Frolander. Frolander was supposed to be babysitting this kid. The father, who I shall refer to as Vengeance Dad, found Frolander in bed with his 11 year old son sexually assaulting him. What happened next is an attack the likes of which have not been seen since March 3rd, 1991...or any other random day in Los Angeles. Here is some of the transcript from the 911 call the father made after beating this guy like a drum.

Caller: “I just walked in and found a grown man molesting my son, and I got him in a bloody puddle for you right now, officer.”

Dispatcher: “You said the person who assaulted, you beat him up?”

Caller: “Oh yeah, send him an ambulance. He's going to need one.”

Graphic image of Frolander below.

That last line made me applaud. I don't care how politically correct, religious, or evolved you say you are, if you have the chance to destroy the person that molested your kid and don't then you are a broken toy. Look at this guy! He was beaten into another species. The fact that he wasn't killed is a testament to restraint because I don't think that I would have been able to stop. There has been no mention of any charges against the father and if there are then the justice system is more fucked up than I already think it is. Frolander should never be released and this father should be able to show up any time that he wants and use him as a punching bag. “Dad was acting like a dad. I don't see anything we should charge the dad with” said Daytona Beach Police Chief Mike Chitwood. “You have an 18-year-old who has clearly picked his target, groomed his target and had sex with the victim multiple times.” No bail has been set and Frolander has been charged with sexual assault.  

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