Thursday, July 17, 2014

36 Year Old Mother And A 12 Year Old Boy

This is gonna be one of those posts that is full of double standards and examples of what a terrible human being I am. A 36 year old woman in Florida named Joy McCall was given ten years in prison with 134 days of credit for time served after sleeping with a 12 year old boy. The boy was her friends son which gives this an extra little stank on it. And the fact that she has a son his age. Joy pleaded guilty to two counts of lewd and lascivious battery on a child. She was sentenced this week but arrested back in February after the boy told his friend that he was boning his mothers friend while in church. No, not boning in church. He told his friend in church. Then this “friend” told his mother. Then this mother contacted the other mother who checked her sons phone and sure enough there were text messages full of the sexy time as well as a picture of Joy in her draws. The police were contacted and an investigation started because no one is allowed to have fun. I'm kidding. But not. Joy contacted the kid a bunch of times on Facebook which is why your kid shouldn't have Facebook until they are in high school.

If you have a kid under 15 that has Facebook they are talking about shit they shouldn't. If you have a kid in high school that has Facebook it's a safe assumption that wrong shit is happening. She made plans to meet up with him at the mall where they had sex in her car. They also had sex in a wooded area which is something I would never do because fuck nature.

According to cops they had sex a total of three times which means it's closer to being around ten because math. In the mall incident he got a ride from his brother, said he had to use the bathroom, and got his bone on. In the others he told his parents he was going for a bike ride. Oh, he was going for a ride alright. You know what I'm talking about.

I know there are a lot of women reading this and are horrified and disgusted with this women. And they should be. There are also a lot of men that are. Then there are the men that don't lie to themselves and wish that some shit like this happened to them when they were 12. Between the ages of 10 and 16 I would have had sex with any woman that offered it but chubby Black boys weren't a hot commodity.

I am fully aware that sex with a child is terrible. If I had a kid and an adult was having sex with them I'd be in prison for murder. But...I vividly remember what it was like being a 12 year old boy and if a woman that looked like Joy was offering I would be accepting. Ten years in prison doesn't sound like a lot of time but then again this is a woman and they tend to get lighter sentences in America. Plus this happened in Florida where you get a ticket for disturbing neighbors after shooting kids because guns are loud. When I hear stories of women having sex with young boys I always have the same two questions. 1. How does she look? 2. How did the law find out? Joy looks okay. She has great hips. Looking through all the pictures of her online she is inconsistent with her makeup. As for question two, the friend who told his mom is no friend I'd ever want to have. The victim isn't going to jail. That boy who told would have to watch his back for ruining my sex. Again, I am aware of how terrible all this sounds. He'll be 22 and ruined sexually by the time she gets out. She'll be 46, divorced, and her life ruined. I doubt her husband and kids are understanding of this. But then again...Florida

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