Saturday, February 14, 2015

Famous Black Firsts: University Professor Charles Lewis Reason

Charles Lewis Reason was born on July 21st 1818 in New York. Both of his parents were free. He was a mathematician and educator and became the first Black to become a professor at a mostly White college, New York Central College in McGrawville. In 1847 he and Charles Bennett Ray founded the Society for the Promotion of Education for Black children. A few years later he was made professor of belles letters Greek, Latin, and French while also working as a professor of mathematics. Reason later worked in public schools as a reformer, teacher, and administrator. 

In 1873 he helped fight for and got the statute to integrate Black students into public schools. After this he became principal of Grammar School No. 80. New York has such weird names for their school. After suffering two strokes within five years he still continued working. He passed away five months after retiring. Reason also wrote poetry, was an activist, and abolitionist.

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