Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Kids These Days 50

I had to stop laughing at this picture long enough to write this. There's a barbershop in Atlanta that is offering haircuts for free to parents who have kids who don't know how to behave themselves. A-1 Kutz offers what is called the Benjamin Button Special for free. In a world of anti-bullying it is funny that the new way for parents to discipline their children without having to do it themselves is shaming. Just let the others kids make fun of them and bully the bullies. Its perfect! Child shaming is the new form of raising your kids. 

Of course this can backfire and you'll have a kid that'll likely set your house on fire while you're sleeping or put you in one of those old folks homes where they punch in your sleep. But still. That haircut! I remember in school a kid had this. He said they gave him a reverse fade. I say they were ahead of their time in regards to punishing children. Plus he was a bad kid so I laughed and laughed. Just a few days ago I was talking to Cam about how having a bad haircut could ruin your month as a child. Like when my mother tried to cut my name into my head when I was around 12. Let me call her right now and see if she remembers. Okay. So after pretending she couldn't remember she said “Oh, there was something with the D.” What she means is that she had trouble cutting the curve where as A, N, T, and E were fairly simple. Then she called me weird and I said “You the one cutting names into heads!” Suffice to say, I've been cutting my own hair ever since.

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