Sunday, February 22, 2015

Michelangelo of Butt Injections Under Arrest

Padge Victoria Windslowe aka Black Madam aka the “Michelangelo of Butt Injections” is in court fighting the crime of third degree murder after the death of a 20 year old exotic dancer, meaning stripper, back in 2011. These women would come to what were called “pumping parties” where they would have their asses injected. Now, you tell me that I am invited to an ass injection party then my brain goes to a whole other place. This is either gonna be the best party ever of the stuff of nightmares. 

There is one chick named Stephanie Matos of New York that told the jury that she paid $1,000 back in 2008 to inject her ass and she was filled with industrial-grade silicone. For anyone that isn't quite sure what that is, it is a sealant. Its not what fake boobs are filled with. Not the same thing. Black Madam don't care about that shit so she pumped a London chick full of the stuff, glued it shut with cotton balls added, and sent her on her way in a airport hotel. District attorney Carlos Vega said “What they didn't know was that this was not medical-grade silicone but silicone for machines, for use on tanks by the military and to lubricate car engines. It was poison.” But...big ass!

Even after the death of Claudia Aderotimi, the London chick mentioned above, Black Madam kept on doing injections because how else is she gonna fund her burgeoning career as a transgender rapper? You gonna help her out? No? That's what I thought. As well as the murder charge she is also being hit with aggravated assault from a 2012 incident in which she gave injections to another dancer named Shurkia King at one of these pumping parties. She ended up in the hospital throwing up blood and fighting to breathe after the silicone traveled from her ass to her heart and lungs. That's normal, right? 

Black Madam's defense attorney, David R. Rudenstein, has said that she will tell the jury that she believed that what she was doing was safe. “She got wonderful results. Do you make a good reputation by having people die on you? Do you think she would have done it to herself if she thought she was killing herself?” Yes. That's what crazy people do! They think that crazy shit they do is not crazy. He also told jurors that he wants the jury to have a “body view” of Black Madam to see the work she did to herself. Wow. Imagine getting called for jury duty that week. There are just some things that can not be unseen. He wants everyone to know that the people that got these “operations” knew what they were getting into and that they “weren't going to a hospital, weren't going to a doctor's office - they were going to a hotel room.” True. You can't expect Kaiser treatment at the Snooty Fox. 

Now this is where I agree. If you tell me that you can give me the fangs that I've wanted all my life and tell me you can do it cheap I'll squint my eyes and think about it for a moment before agreeing. Then after telling me it is gonna take place in a hotel I call the cops on you because you're a crazy person. You can't get anything done in a hotel room and expect great service including sex. 

The price range for a real butt augmentation is between $3,000 and $15,000. And the ones that look...better are the ones where fat is taken from one place and put in another. Not having fucking plutonium jammed into your butt cheeks and then you're sent on your way with instructions to call 911 if you experience problems. Just by looking at the mugshot above and this delightful picture I would know better than to agree to anything. I wouldn't follow this person into my own apartment let alone a hotel room where they were gonna inject my ass with something. And what's with this whole big ass craze? Yes, I like a big ass but I also like a big ass that is real. Chicks have been taking the big ass thing too far. You can't even blame men for this one. You look at the women that are voted the Sexiest Women Alive and none of them have big asses. 

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