Friday, February 6, 2015

Meet Four Of The Worst People On Earth

I like when you can get four dumb ass people off the street at once. I don't like when the reason that they have been removed from the streets is because they did something fucked up to a kid. Four adults, relatives of the 6 year old in question, were arrested after staging a kidnapping to teach him the dangers of talking to strangers. This all took place in Troy, Missouri. Nathan Wynn Firoved, 23, was asked by the boys aunt and his coworker, 38 year old Denise Kroutil, to kidnap the kid and scare him because he was “too nice” to people. By the time this is all said and done that will never be an issue again. 

Firoved tricked the boy into his truck while he was walking home on Monday and when the boy got into the truck he told him that he would “never see his mommy again.” Just to spice things up a bit he also told him that he would be “nailed to the wall of a shed.” The boy started crying because, you know, death threats, so Firoved showed him his gun and threatened to hurt him. He eventually covered the boys hands and feet then covered up his face while driving him around. He was taken into the basement of his home, which he didn't know was his home because his face was covered. One of his family members then took the boys pants off and told him that he was going to be sold into sex slavery. After some time the family untied him and told him about Stranger Danger.

During this entire affair the family and this asshole stayed in contact as the young boy was brain-fucked. The boy told school officials about what happened, they reported it, and the boy was placed in protective custody. The asshole guy, Firoved, and the grandmother 58 year old Rose Brewer, were charged with felony kidnapping, neglect of a child, felony abuse, and felonious restraint. The boys mother, 25 year old Elizabeth Hupp, was charged with felony abuse, neglect of a child, and felony kidnapping. They are all being held on $250,000 bond. Of course they told investigators that they were teaching the kid a lesson and don't think they did anything wrong.

If there was a way for all of these people to never be released from jail I would like to exercise that right. These are not normal people. I hate that the mother even has the ability to have a child that she would do this to when there are so many others that would love to have a child and can't. No way can this kid go back to living with the people that did this to them. I understand wanting to teach your kid a lesson about the danger of talking to strangers, but there are thousands of betters ways than what these jackasses cooked up.  

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