Monday, February 16, 2015

Dante Vs. Nature 49

A 20 year old guy from Georgia named Benjamin Miller got his ass destroyed, literally, at Ciudad Rodrigo's Carnaval del Toro. A doctor that had to operate on him described his injuries as the “biggest goring wound” he had ever seen. For three hours there had to be repairs to his back muscles, thighs, and sphincter. Let that shit sink in for a moment. The horn entered through his left leg and immediately began searching for an exit. It found his asshole. I'm sure that every lunatic that goes to this, between 45,000 and 50,000, assumes that they may get hurt by the crowd but not an actual bull. Miller and two others were hurt but his injuries were enough to land him in surgery.

It is reported that Miller was there with a group of other students from America. A helicopter is kept nearby in case someone is hurt at this festival. This is something that I would never even think to do and don't understand why anyone else does it. The reason of “tradition” doesn't even make sense to me. This isn't done for food or survival. Its just a bunch of people running in the streets from bulls and watching them stabbed to death. I vote nature in this case. I'd never want to be the idiot that has a dozen images of me on the ground running from a two ton monster bleeding because it stuck its horn into my body and out of my ass.

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