Monday, July 20, 2015

All Of The Happy

You see this crazy looking dinosaur? I have been searching for this for 29 years. It is a Hasbro Be Mores Blue “Surprise” Dragon Dinosaur and I found it online last week after almost three decades of telling people that I once had a dinosaur that transformed into a cow with wings and sounding like a lunatic. It turns out that it was not a cow but a dragon inside but close enough. They both provide milk.

The story behind me losing possession of this when I was about 7 years old involves a broken family, being hit by a car, and coming to the realization that I was not liked by the people I assumed had to love me. When this was left behind and I couldn't get it back I was like “But...we know where it is. We can just go get it. Why won't we just go get it? Its mine! I love it! Let's get it!” But we never did and I have no idea where it ended up.

Once the internet became a useful thing I would search for this. Did I know what it was called? Nope. Just knew what it was...kind of. I looked for every variation of blue stegosaurus/cow and could find nothing. Hell, when I worked at Petco I bought a stuffed dog toy because it reminded me of it. Then last week I randomly thought to try looking again and after about fifteen minutes I saw a similar looking one. I thought “No...way!” I now had a name of the brand. I entered that and there it was. This was my Bobo.

You ever see that episode of The Simpson's where Mr. Burns finds the teddy bear he lost that is considered the reason why he because evil? This was my version of that. Not that I became evil. That occurred after years of bad relationships and broken dreams.

I found my Bobo on ebay using Toys With A Past. Click here to check them out. I ordered this and within one week it was at my door in great condition for an amazing price. I woke from my nap and the package was at my door. I opened it up and smiled like a fool. If I could show someone a physical representation of my childhood and what made me happy it would be this toy, a koala blanket I lost years ago, and my Transformers sheets. I still have that sheet and now I have my toy. I am the happy!!! This also illustrates how tiny I was as a kid because I used to carry this. Now it fits in my hand.

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