Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Grown Ass Man Tips: Running Your Mouth

Guys like to talk a lot of shit. Its just a thing that we enjoy. I like to talk shit as much as the next guy but I understand that there are certain times when running my mouth doesn't fit the situation and certain people that I don't run my mouth to. Not everyone knows this and they end up looking at a paramedic being asked how many fingers they see. 

When I was younger I thought that only kids and teenagers got into fights because they ran their mouth. I was so wrong. It never stops. You can see a 40 year old guy giving the finger an screaming at someone and the next thing you now he is screaming for help as someone who doesn't play by the same rules is yanking his dumb ass out the car.

A grown ass man knows not to run his mouth. Running your mouth is different than talking a lot. Talking a lot someone can say “Fuck, he won't shut up.” That's me. Running your mouth will have someone say “This bitch about to get knocked the fuck out.” As a grown ass man you shouldn't even hang out with another guy that runs his mouth. Why? Because he's gonna get your ass kicked or you're gonna have to jump in while he's getting his ass kicked. There are guys walking around testing everyone because they think that they can whip any ass. Its not true. We can all be beaten. And don't assume that because you are using your fists that the other guy is. There are a lot of guys walking around with scars and headaches because they didn't shut up. Don't be one of them.

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Anonymous said...

Dante...once again, you have simply outdone yourself. This blog was hilarious but true (as usual for you). I enjoyed the reading. Power on! :)