Friday, July 24, 2015

Cop/Porn Actress

This cute ass cop in Miami is in trouble for possibly doing porn while still being a cop. Sabine Raymonvil has said while being investigated that she did it before joining the force eight years ago. I have looked up some images from her films for...research.

She looks better as a cop than a porn actress. I'm not sure how much porn you've watched but Black chicks tend to wear a ton of makeup and only take care of the front of their hair. Next thing you know their weave moves and their roots look like mine. Its not cute and I am rambling. The biggest problem with her besides possibly losing her career because she likes to bang on film and bad wigs is the company she keeps.

Producer Emerson Callum and cop/cameraman Lavont Flanders were convicted back in 2012 of drugging and raping women when they auditioned for pornos. If it is discovered that not only was she shooting sex scenes as a cop (which would make for an interesting stop like “Don't I know you from somewhere?”) but she was shooting them during a time where these guys were drugging and raping women she is fucked. And not the good kind of fucked. Proper fucked.

Callum and Flanders (stupid Flanders...) are both serving life sentences for their crimes. If she did do this while knowing who and what these guys are then she should totally be shit-canned. But if she was doing it to make extra money because being a cop pays nothing then I'm all for it. Why now? Off duty cops do security for weed smoking, gun packing rappers. I'd rather my cops be getting it long-dicked styled on film than shooting at my Black ass.  

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