Thursday, July 9, 2015

Kids These Days 57

My cousin JP told me about this ‪#‎DontJudgeMeChallenge‬ because she knows how to poke a sleeping monster. Literally. I woke up and she sent me a post telling me to check this challenge out. I did. Now I hate the world a tiny bit more. In this challenge that isn't really a challenge people that think they are hot draw all over their faces and do things to make themselves unattractive only to reveal that...surprise! I'm actually someone you'd want to fuck.

On the list of things that you can be judged for are bad skin (scars, acne), glasses, a unibrow, and wild hair. This challenge is the perfect example of why I like women that wear little to absolutely no makeup. That's not you. I talked to Quinno about this once and asked how it'd look if I showed up somewhere with a ponytail and my face a different color than my neck. That shit wouldn't fly because I'm an alleged man. I love how you have to get makeup now that doesn't make your already suffering skin suffer more. These same women that are doing this wouldn't be caught leaving the house with no makeup on and use more in their daily lives than in this challenge.

People have enough problems with themselves and being ashamed at how they look without people that have the ability to not look like them turning into them. Imagine some asshole sitting in a counseling group for amputees sharing their story of losing their arm and suddenly pulling it from inside their coat and waving at you. I at one time was made fun of for being short, fat, skinny, bad teeth, my hair, my voice, my fingers, my bad skin, for wearing glasses, and my personality. Makeup can't fix those things nor did I want it to. Most I grew out of because I stuck around. There's no changing this personality. Some people get made fun of for those things and kill themselves.

And for anyone reading this that is getting by based on their hot looks enjoy it while it lasts. Yeah, I'm going there. There have and always will be people that get by based on the skin they were born into. No need to learn how to carry a conversation, have a sense of humor, or be nice. Fuck you. They're hot. Grow up with the weird shit my face decided to do and learned how to speak to people. So if you're thinking of doing this challenge go right ahead. I like writing about assholes.

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