Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Grown Ass Man Tips: Borrowing Money

No grown ass man likes owing money. What is worse is having to borrow it in the first place. But the absolute worse thing is loaning money to someone and having to fight to get it back. There is a family member that I was already on the fence about that owes me almost $500 that I don't even want to hear from. 

People say when you loan a family member money that you might as well never expect to get it back. That shouldn't be true. I had to borrow $500 a couple of months ago and gave it back immediately. Did it hurt me to give it back financially? A tiny bit. But the feeling of owing money for me is way worse. Well, at least for me. I actually get physically ill. 

One of the worse feelings is knowing that someone owes you money you loaned them and watching them spend what they have on shit. Like “Hmm. That $30 shirt would've gotten you a little closer to that $300 you owe me...” I feel that I shouldn't have to chase someone down that owes me and that they should know better than to drag their feet paying me or anyone back. Money exchanging hands can make relationships stronger or ruin them. Granted, I don't put time limits on when I expect money back, but goddamn. Some people take advantage of the small amount of kindness I have. If you owe someone money your first priority should be paying for what you borrowed the money for and second paying the person back. You don't even have to do the full amount at once because knowing that you're taking any step in repaying someone makes them feel better. Look at it this way. You can borrow $200 bucks, never pay it back, lose a friend, and never have the chance to get it again when you need it or borrow, pay it back in a reasonable amount of time and borrow again if you have to.

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