Friday, July 3, 2015

Throwing Off The Curve

In life there are some people that just throw the whole curve off by doing more than they need to. Pilot Jessica Cox ain't got no damned arms and has learned how to surf, play the piano, and get a black belt in Tae Kwan Do. Oh, and then she decided to learn how to fly a plane. I mean, come on! Six years ago she became the first pilot do get a license flying using just her feet. Harrison Ford has both arms and can't keep them shits in the sky. 

I have both arms and refuse to surf because the ocean is nature's buffet, I haven't played piano since I was little, and what I know of fighting comes from having older brothers and video games, and I have never even been on a plane. Well, according to movies it doesn’t seem all that hard. Just pull a lever when you need to go up and push it down when you wanna land, right? I have both my arms and can't do the shit this woman is and that’s awesome. But seriously. Tone it down a notch. You’re making look bad in front of the womenfolk.

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