Thursday, July 23, 2015

Teacher Is Freaky Naughty

(editors note: this post was written by Evil Dante. The views expressed by Evil Dante do not represent the view of regular, boring ass, ironing loving, thigh admirer, socially awkward Regular Ass Dante)

Holy shit! I remember a few years back when all these female teachers started banging their students. They were like a 6 or 7 on a scale of 1 to 10. We are now at a point where strong 8's and up are having sex with students and I hate it. I am jealous. I don't like being jealous, especially of teenagers because teenagers suck. They are selfish, arrogant, and stink of latex and/or weed. This teacher 32 year old Nicole McDonough was indicted on three counts for having the sex with three 18 year old students. I'd just fucking drop out of school and make this all nice and legal. She is hot in that sad way some girls can be. 

She tried to get a pretrial intervention which would've been dismissed with a guilty verdict and the courts were all like “Nope.” Nicole was looking for and having sex with students and each of the teens said that they did not feel victimized. At least they're honest. Her lawyer Timothy Smith said “If ever there was a victimless crime, this is it.” I concur...because I'm a horrible person.

He is also arguing that she shouldn't go to prison not just because she would be used for currency, bit because there is a lot of shit at home she needs to take care of. Her father has cancer and the father of her 6 and 3 year old children is a heroin addict and there's no one else to support her family. Goddamn. This sounds like the lyrics from Ice T's song “Colors.”

“Last night in cold blood my young brother got shot. My home got jacked. My mother's on crack. My sister can't work cause her arms show tracks.”

She could face up to five years in prison because woman. Its sad that when I think of equality the first things that come to mind are prison terms and fights. She wasn't charged for sex crimes because the guys were all 18 years old. She was suspended from her job and her lawyer said that the students got no special treatment from her in class. Now after class? That's a whole other story.  

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