Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Kids These Days 48

A 17 year old teenager in Maryland is in trouble for giving his teacher a pot brownie. He decided that school was just too rough and was eating it in class when his teacher asked for some. That's weird. So he gives her some and she started feeling ill meaning great. She went to the nurses office and then told police that she suspected that she may have been given a pot brownie. The kid was charged with administering a dangerous substance, as well as reckless endangerment. Jesus. Its just pot. 

Besides the kid being a jackass for eating a pot brownie in class, I wonder why the teacher asked a student for what they were eating. These damned teachers are getting too comfy with kids besides the whole having sex with them stuff. I've never had a teacher that would've seen me eating some Crunch Tators and asked for a few. And if I did I would've said no. Mostly because I was a stingy asshole. 

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