Friday, December 5, 2014

Teacher Makes Kid Clean Toilet With Bare Hands

I've done a story like this before where a teacher took the limits of being an asshole to a new level. In Othello, Washington a teacher named Brent Taylor made a student stick his bare hands into a toilet to clear out toilet paper. What the shit is this fuck? When the 8 year old boy was asked to unclog the toilet, which he actually attempted!, the teacher ended up doing it himself with his own bare hands. Ew! The boys parents were understandably upset that this happened.

The teacher was told to not do this again by the superintendent George Juarez. “The child had flushed the toilet several times, and it didn't go down. I am sure that the best judgment would have been to call our custodian to handle the matter.” The teacher was ordered to review hygiene techniques meaning absolutely nothing happened to him. The child was given permission to transfer to another school. I'm not sure if kids today are dumber than me or nicer because if you even suggested I clean a toilet, even my own that was just cleaned, I'd tell you to go fuck your elbow and get suspended.  

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