Tuesday, December 2, 2014

"Solus Ipse" Part 4

Captain Lowes called a meeting as soon as Pritchard and Donovan arrived. They all met in what has become known as “The Pit.” Its like any other room where police meet to discuss cases. It became known as “The Pit” after an infamous fight in which Captain Lowes had to wrestle an angry parent to the ground during a field trip for children at the station.

Lowes waited until everyone was seated and motioned for the lights to be turned off. He pressed a button from a remote in his hand. Multiple images of the Fairplay Killer's victims lit the screen. Donovan could feel Pritchard tense.

“Fifteen victims” Lowes began. “In two months this killer has sliced, diced, and maimed fifteen people in our city. Thanks to some fine work by Luis and Megan we have discovered that we are now looking for a White male. Between the age of 20 and 30. Height, weight, unknown. But it's a damn start. You got any questions, leads, or want to blame someone for your erectile dysfunction call Pritchard and Donovan. But be careful. Pritchard has a mean left hook.” Everyone laughed and began clearing the room. “I need to see you two in my office.”

“Yes, dad” Donovan said under her breath. They quickly followed Lowes into his office and sat down.

“Good job, Pritch” Lowes said. Pritchard was about to defend himself until what was just said sunk in.

“Wait, what?” he asked. 
“You know. Belting that asshole Rivers the way you did.” Lowes rubbed his hands together. “Guy always rubbed me the wrong way. Always yapping away and saying things that you just don't say. At least out loud. So good job with that.”

“Thank you?” Pritchard said.

“No problem” Lowes replied. “On to other things. I had to fight for you to not be suspended. That was a favor. I like when I do favors and favors are returned. Follow me?” Donovan and Pritchard nodded. Neither of them liked where this was headed. “Good. That's good. I told the mayor that you two would have this guy within the week. Don't. Stop it. Don't say a word. I believe you two can do this. Otherwise I would've assigned The Jake's to help you out.”

“Thank God for small favors” Donovan said. The Jake's were comprised of three officers. Jake Simms. Jake Reynolds. And Jacob Young. They called him Jake. The Jake's caused more harm than good. But when they were on their game they were amazing. They were usually not on their game. “But the end of the week seems very...”

“We can do it” Pritchard interrupted. Donovan looked at him with shock on her face. “Not a problem.”

“That's what I like to hear!” Lowes said. They walked out of the office and as soon as the door closed Donovan grabbed Pritchard by his arm.

“The fuck is the matter with you?” she barked. Pritchard tried to walk away so Donovan decided to pin him against the wall. “I know you're taking this whole Fairplay shit hard, okay? I get it. I also know that you're starting to crack. Shit. What am I saying? You've already cracked. You decked a cop. And you and I both know that we'll never catch this crazy son of a bitch if you're running around pretending that you're auditioning for 'Training Day'.”

“You done?” Pritchard asked as he walked away.

“This is so silly” Donovan said aloud.

“Trouble in paradise?” Jake S. asked.

“I think so, man” Jake Y. responded.

“Where's your other boyfriend at?” Donovan asked.

“Hey!” Jake R. said. “We're not gay.”

“I heard that if you two fuck this up Lowes is gonna put us on the case” Jake Y. said.

Please fuck up” Jake S. said.

“Please fuck off” Donovan said as she made her way around them. The Jake's all high-fived each other and ran into Lowes office.


“Hey, Captain” Jack R. said. Lowes sighed and placed his hands over his face.

“What do you three want?” Lowes asked.

“The Fairplay Killings” Jake Y. said. “We can do this.”

“We'll bust that guys ass” Jake S. said.

“Totally bust that ass” Jake R. said.

“His ass would be busted so hard” Jake Y. said.

“Can you all stop saying ass?” Lowes asked. “Christ. Look. If Donovan and Pritchard fuck this up you three are taking the case. Because the last goddamn thing I need is to see another body on the front paper.”


Albert stood at the newsstand reading the front pages of three papers at once much to the annoyance of the cashier. The tall, thin man sighed heavily as Albert spread the papers, cover up, on the counter.

“You gonna buy any of those?” he asked Albert to which there was no reply.

“Hmm” Albert said to himself completely oblivious to the man. “Fifteen killings and a possible new one. Someone has been busy.”

“Yeah, yeah” the cashier said. He snatched two of the papers from the counter and placed them back on the rack. “Fucking people. Back East guys like you would waste all my time reading the entire goddamned paper without ever paying. I'm not putting up with it here, okay?” Albert placed the paper back on the rack and looked at the cashier. “You okay?” he asked Albert.

There was something in his eyes the man didn't like. It reminded him of those National Geographic specials. He once saw one where a shark has these tiny fish that always swam with it but at any moment could attack. He felt like one of those small fish. “I don't want no trouble, pal.”

Before the man could back away Albert grabbed an ink pen and jammed it into the man's throat. As he tried to scream for help from one of the nearby customers Albert quickly scaled the counter and lowered the dying man to the ground. Someone placed change on the counter not knowing that a man slowly died less than four feet from him.

Albert sat next to the man and looked into his eyes. He was vaguely aware that he enjoyed doing this. He remembered a small child that closed his eyes as he died. Albert had to open them but it was not the same. It was always better when they stayed open themselves. He removed a small blade from his sock and slid it across the man's throat.

“Anyone work here?!” someone shouted.

“Not anymore” Albert said as he climbed over the counter and walked away. 


“Shit on me” Donovan said as she looked at the body of a older woman named Alice Rockwell. This made 16 deaths. “Shit. I pray this is a copycat.” Pritchard nodded. He had not spoken much since the incident back at the station. Donovan had no problem giving him his space and privacy but she was going to be damned if she was going to have him moping during a murder investigation. “That all you got for me? A nod?”

“What do you want me to say?” Pritchard asked. “It's obviously not a copycat. There are things done to her that have not been made known to the public. Right down to the same knots used around the ankles. We're so fucked.”

“What I miss?” Luis asked as he showed up followed by Megan. There was something about Megan that Donovan did not trust. It was not the fact that she was attractive and everyone at the station ogled her every chance they got. She just seemed very naive. “Whoa” he said while looking at the body. “That is a lot of blood. She's been dead about...”

“Three days” Megan finished. She walked closer to the body and bent low to get a closer look. “Right?”

“Right” Luis said proudly while smiling at Donovan and Pritchard who did not return the smile. “What's up? Trouble in paradise?”

“One more person says that today and I will shoot them” Donovan said.

“Ah” Luis said. “The Jake's.”

“They're nice” Megan said.

“You would think so” Donovan said.

“They're gunning for this case” Luis told Pritchard. “We gotta be careful.”

“Let 'em have it” Pritchard said. “This fucking killer. We have to be missing something. Who knows how many more victims are laying dead in their homes just like this one because we can't catch this fucking guy?”

“You can't think like that” Luis said.

“I can think however I want” Pritchard snapped. Luis raised his hands and backed out of the room slowly. He looked at Megan who bit her lower lip and followed Luis out of the room. “Fuck.” His phone began ringing. It was Lowes. “Yeah?”

“Got another one” Lowes said.

“I know we're here.”

“No. Another one. Newsstand. I'm sending The Jake's.”  

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