Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Man Throw McChicken At Pregnant Wife

Hey kids. Look at this. This guy here is what we call a “loser.” Some may think being a loser has to do with you job status, money situations, or physical appearance. Nope. Sometimes you can just be an idiot that does idiotic things and make bad decisions. Like 21 year old Marvin Tramaine Hill of Des Moines, Iowa. Before he and his pregnant wife headed to an ultrasound for their upcoming baby (they already have a 2 year old which is a whole 'nother thing for me to bitch about) she got him a McChicken sandwich. Marvin don't like McChicken sandwiches so instead not eating it, he threw it at her.

Fast forward to Marvin being arrested for domestic assault and locked up without bond. Marvin admitted to throwing the sandwich at her because he doesn't like them. His wife, Elle Hill, said that he smashed the bun into her face because if you're gonna be an asshole you go full tilt asshole. The fact that he is 21 with two kids and throwing food at his wife bugs the shit out of me. I want someone to kick him in the dick parts so he never has kids again. And his wife leaves him. What a jackass. 

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Anonymous said...

sad to say, but subhumans like this will always have a “woman” because we're too dumb to respect ourselves by not laying down with such trash...the kids need to be taken from BOTH of 'em...