Thursday, May 28, 2015

Barbecue Rib Fight

There are some people you can just look at and know not to fuck with them when it comes to food. Let's take 45 year old Sabrina Davis of Indiana. At 5'7” and 256 pounds she obviously is a fan of snacky yum-yums. So when the daughter of a lady hosting a barbecue tried to stop Sabrina from taking the last rib she got a fork to the eye. I'd never try to take barbecue from someone six inches shorter than me but 36 pounds heavier. Angela Watkins, the last brave woman on Earth, told Sabrina that she was taking “all the food.” By the way, this is such a Black thing to say. We will accuse you of eating all the food and letting out all the heat. 

Sabrina wasn't having that shit so she stabbed Angela in the eye with a fork. Sabrina said it was self defense because Angela had grabbed a knife from the dishwasher. Angela moved the pan away from Sabrina and the heavens quaked since they knew that violence was now on the menu. If I was in the kitchen I would have moved the kids behind me and told them to prepare to have a story to tell to their children. Sabrina ended up with a felony of criminal recklessness with a deadly weapon. Angela's left eye was swollen and bloodshot. The one question that wasn't answered is the most important: Who got the last rib?

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