Sunday, May 31, 2015

Teacher Shows New Breasts To Students

This 34 year old high school teacher in Virginia named Melissa Kidd is in trouble for showing topless pictures of herself to some students at school. Mind you, this is Evil Dante writing this so most of what I say will be pretty horrible. This is the case when a story involves a female teacher doing something that me at the ages of 7 – 18 would've enjoyed. Yes, I said 7. I never had that whole “Ew, girls!” phase in my life. Well, maybe now I do. But back then no. Now that that's out of the way I'll continue.

Kidd is being investigated for indecent liberties with a child by a person in a supervisory role. That's a long-winded ass way of saying corruption of a minor. This all happened back in March and the police want to search her phone now in May. According to the investigators Kidd showed the students, two of them are 18 and one 16, before and after pictures of her breasts at school. Idiot. You have to know better than to show kids these days that kinda shit. One of the students said that Kidd showed full butt booty ass naked pictures of herself. She was placed on leave after the school found out and then resigned from the career and technical education department.

If this whole thing had happened to me in school first off I would've called her a witch or time traveler because cell phones didn't do any of the things they can do today. I also would've asked her to show me this stuff in private after school. Showing it to one kid is dangerous. Two...risky. Three? Why not just walk down the hallways shouting “Who wanna see my titty balls?!” And naturally I assume that there was a buildup to this. I doubt she just randomly asked if they wanted to see her tits and she agreed that it was a great idea. Also, 29 is too young to be a teacher. Yeah, I said it.  

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