Saturday, May 16, 2015

Mama Likes Her Drank

One mother had quite the Mother's Day last weekend. Hayley Dawn Hampton, 28 of Oklahoma, was arrested after being accused of child neglect. By the way, the names Hayley and Dawn are trouble names for girls. Police were contacted after someone saw her 4 year old sitting in the back seat of her car while she was inside having drinks at Lumpy's Sports Bar. When police talked to her she said that she went into Lumpy's to get her boyfriend but then her friends were all like “Its Mother's Day! Let's get turnt up!” so she had a drink. 

Hayley says that her boyfriend went outside to watch her kid and a bartender says that she didn't notice when he came back fifteen minutes later to keep the party going. He also says that she was in there for an hour and had a beer and a shot. Sounds like the perfect recipe for driving your kid around, huh? She was arrested for child neglect, the boyfriend was not, and the kid is now with a family member. I can't stand someone that drinks and drives. I can't stand someone that adds a kid into the mix. I'm sure her goofy ass will be out and do it again within a year. If you haven't learned your lesson by the age of 28 chances are you'll do some dumb shit again.

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