Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Kids These Days 54

This is one of those stories where you'll either say “That poor kid” or “Good for his mama!” Me, I say “It should have happened for real!” because I don't have kids and tend to be extreme in my thoughts. Blame it on my social Asperger's or the touch of autism. Either way this kid had his mother Chiquita Hill of Columbus, Georgia scare the shit out of him because he was acting up. She was afraid that his bad behavior would continue and lead to him being in trouble with the law or killed in the future.

She said for weeks that her 10 year old son was being a problem in school and acting up. She said that talking to him about it wasn't working so she took another approach. “He's going through the phase right now, it's just in one ear out the other.” Employing the Scared Straight method she had police come to check his bad ass. “I'm scared for when they get older, how bad is it going to be?” She talked to the police about the simulation and they came, talked to him about his behavior, and tossed his ass in the back of a cop car for five minutes. Proud to say I am 36 and have never been in a police car. Handcuffed for suspected bank robbery, yeah, but never placed in the police car.

“It's hard for a black male now, and I just want him to grow up to be successful and to be respectful” she said. Hopefully this kid doesn't want to run for office or something in the future knowing that these photos are floating about. “Senator, is it true that you were once arrested for being a bad child?” Its harder to get kids to listen to things nowadays without scaring them. They did this when I was little in the form of hitting you in front of your friends because shame and embarrassment are a very powerful tool.

The last thing I ever wanted was more angry ass mother showing up somewhere and yelling. No police car was needed. You also need to take into account that father's are not around in a lot of instances. This is a 30 year old single mother of three kids. And while it is possible to raise a boy as a single mother, you really need a good male around to help them out with shit. He's lucky they didn't take him to meet the Booty Warrior. 

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