Friday, May 29, 2015

Only In Florida 14

Its time to bring this back. I've been doing more Florida based stories but not having them in this segment and that's just silly. This 46 year old mother (and its a hard 46) named Rachel Salters was arrested for attacking her 12 year old son with a bag of potatoes. Yeah. That is a thing that happened. It started when he asked her to make him some dinner and ended with an attack. No reports say what was said that happened in between those two actions which I think is important to know. When Rachel started hitting the kid, let's call him Spud, with the bag he ran into the bathroom and locked the door. 

Well, that wasn't stopping Rachel who Kool Aid Man'd her way through the locked door and continued hitting him with the bag. When the bag broke because shit is cheaply made nowadays, she started throwing individual potatoes at him as he hid between the toilet and bathtub. When police arrived and asked her about the bathroom door she said “I don't know.” Then after she was arrested she said “I didn't hit him with the potato, I only threw it at him!” That feeling you just had? That's called confusion. She also stated that it isn't a crime that she hit him because she only threw the potatoes at him. Spud was not hurt and Rachel was charged with felony child abuse and tampering with evidence for moving potatoes after cops told her not to. 

She is locked up on $11,500 bond while Spud was given to a child welfare investigator who will then send him to his father...who was just arrested last month for battery. I remember me at 12. My parents had stopped hitting me by then because I knew where they slept. The strange thing about this story because, well, everything, is that what she did is the death sentence in Dantania. Also, don't fuck with people who have hair like Dog the Bounty Hunter

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