Saturday, May 30, 2015

Over Served Man Dies

A bartender in France was convicted of manslaughter for doing his job: getting someone stank ass drunk. Gilles Crepin served 56 year old Renaud Prudhomme 30 shots of alcohol which he drank in a minute because fuck rational thinking. He did this to beat a previous record of 55 shots which was posted at the bar called Le Starter. Should be changed to Le Finisher. 

In case you're wondering just how much booze that is, its about 2.4 liters. The closest image to that is a big ass jug of Mr. Clean. Its a lot of any liquid let alone alcohol. Prudhomme's daughter said that Crepin encouraged this dangerous game and should be held responsible for the outcome. There is this crazy thing called personal responsibility.

Ron Haskins has a great statement about it saying “Personal responsibility is the willingness to both accept the importance of standards that society establishes for individual behavior and to make strenuous personal efforts to live by those standards. But personal responsibility also means that when individuals fail to meet expected standards, they do not look around for some factor outside themselves to blame. The demise of personal responsibility occurs when individuals blame their family, their peers, their economic circumstances, or their society for their own failure to meet standards.”

After drinking all this booze his daughter took him home and he went into cardiac arrest. So she was there? And she watched this happen? No “Hey, dad. You're 56 and this is dumb at any age”? So he died the next day. Yeah, its sucks when a family member dies but you hope its from old age or some freak shit. Not because they wanted to win a contest. I wrote about a young kid that died in Brazil drinking just 25 shots in a minute last year. Its stupid.

Crepin's lawyer Renaud Portejoie said “It's a decision guided by emotion and the unconscious desire to set an example. We can't ask every customer who buys alcohol to present their medical certificates.” He also pointed out that the victim had existing respiratory problems as well as alcohol abuse. Crepin now has a four month suspended license and can't tend bar for a year. Some people get less of a sentence here for killing people because they like to text while driving. I know that bartenders have the ability to cut people off but you can't put it on them when they don't.  

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