Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Click Bait Rape Story

When I first heard about this story every single post I saw had one of two pictures of this chick with the headline saying something like “Woman arrested for raping man!” Now, when you look at that picture and that title you think one of a few things. If you're stupid you think a woman can't rape a man. You may also think that she is cute and if you have pretty much no morals you wouldn't mind being raped by her. Or if you're like me you decided to read up on this a little more and saw that this was a deceptive ass picture. This is not a recent picture!

26 year old Chantae Marie Gilman of Seattle was arrested for raping a 31 year old man as he slept after breaking into his apartment back in July on 2013. She has pleaded not guilty of course but copped to second degree assault and third degree attempted rape.

The guy that was attacked didn't know her but knew that she was someone a neighbor knew and was a known drug user in the neighborhood. Not a good thing to be known for. When he woke up with her on top of him he told her to get off and she replied “Be quiet” while pinning his arms down over his head. This is not a small woman. He was able to wriggle his way from under her as she asked for a cigarette and he threw one at her crazy ass. Less than 24 hours later called police and did the whole rape kit deal.

At the time of this assault she was eight months pregnant with her fifth child. During a police interview she couldn't remember how she got into the guys house or having sex with him. She also said she suffered from psychosis and bipolar disorder.

Chantae could potentially serve a lot of time in prison for her crime. And by a lot I mean nine months. Nine months for someone convicted of rape. Yeah. RAINN (Rape Abuse & Incest National Network) says that in 1 out of 10 rapes the victim is a man and most people know that when a guy is raped chances are they won't say anything about it.

I noticed that in most posts about this case that they mention how much the victim weighed. He is 240lb. in case you're wondering. Why? Probably so more people can say “He was that big and couldn't fight off a woman?” First off...don't be stupid. If he had belted that woman he'd be in jail. Contrary to some shitty relationships some of you may have had there are some men that will rather die than hit a woman. Also, some sites are reporting that Chantae weighs the 240 and not the victim. Either way, stop it.

Though she was only 26 when she raped this guy her rap sheet goes back 15 years and includes being convicted for attempted robbery, attempted forgery, theft, and possession of a stolen vehicle. Besides the jail time she must also register as a sex offender. 

How does that work when someone has, like, five kids? Is that just another group of kids that are fucked because they were dealt a shitty mother hand? She also can't contact the victim again and has two years probation. By the way, anyone wondering how a man can have sex and not immediately know it does not have a penis. Lock her up, throw away the key, feed her meds, and never let her kids know who she is. I have spoken! 

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