Saturday, May 16, 2015

The World's Grossest Roommate

This 56 year old nasty ass old lady named Sarah Schrock of Mechanicsville, Maryland is being charged with felony contaminating and second-degree assault. Why? Because she's gross! When her roommate was drinking a glass of milk she started choking on something that was in it. She and someone else coughed it up and it appeared to be human fucking skin. Ew! They strained it and it was a bunch of skin shavings inside. The roommate told cops that Sarah kept her foot shavings in a tray. My god! How is this your roommate?! 

This skin drinking shit happened days after she placed a protective order against Sarah who was arrested a few days later for violating it. Sgt. Cara Grumbles said that she did not know whether or not this had anything to do with Sarah putting her goddamn foot skin in her roommate's milk. Really? You don't? If I found out that I had a roommate that saved any part of their body one of us is leaving. And if I found out that someone was leaving pieces of their nasty ass feet in anything I even touched they would be the ones calling police. There used to be a guy that lived in my building that offed himself. Apparently he saved years worth of toilet paper rolls and his long greasy hair in the shower. When someone saves body parts it is a sign of fucked up-ness. If you are reading this and you think its fine to save parts of yourself...stop.

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