Sunday, May 24, 2015

Dumb Teacher Does Dumb Thing

This goes along with me saying that the people that hurt the passage of marijuana laws in this country are the ones that enjoy it the most. A high school teacher in Louisiana, 29 year old Camille Brennan, was arrested on two counts of narcotics distribution and two counts of delinquency of a minor after she gave some pot brownies to two of her female students. She works(ed) at Archbishop Hannan High School. Police and the school principal learned about this after one of the girls told them that night. 

Brennan admitted to doing this and resigned from her job. The principal Father Charles Latour wrote a letter to parents saying “The care and safety of your sons and daughters is a priority I hold sacred.” I wonder what made her think that this was a good idea, serving weed to her students. Either way her dumb ass now has a police record and her career ruined. Her lawyer said “At this time, my client has simply requested that we fully cooperate with our judicial system in every capacity.” I've never understand why people do things like this. To be cool? To try and relate to the youth? I couldn't imagine losing my job and going to jail over doing something this damned silly.

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