Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Mountain Dew And Gasoline

This 16 year old named Logan Stephenson Tennessee died last week from drinking “racing fuel” and Mountain Dew. Read that over again. Now for most drinking one or the other is bad enough for you but the two together? I'm not quite sure what the desired effect is when you mix those two things. As I am writing this I just saw that one of his other two friends that did the same thing has died. Police Chief K.D Smith says that “ They (his friends) noticed the color of his skin had changed and he started having a seizure. His hands started drawing up.” Before the other friend died he had gone into a coma.

When I was a kid the things you heard kids drinking that they shouldn't have were laundry detergent or their parents alcohol. Why detergent? Because it was the 80's and weird shit happened. I never knew anyone to drink gasoline but I do remember seeing some movie where people would sniff it from rags to get fucked up. But come on. Mt. Dew and fuel? You know what's funny about that soda? Its that people that are normally healthy will one day go “I'm gonna have some soda!” and this is their choice the same way they will decide to eat McDonald's when they want fast food. 

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