Sunday, February 7, 2016

Man Dies Running Krispy Kreme Challenge

“2400 calories, 12 doughnuts, 5 miles, 1 hour. The mantra of the Krispy Kreme Challenge epitomizes the test of physical fitness and gastrointestinal fortitude.” That is how this challenge began and ended for 58 year old Jeff Woods. If you had told me that a 58 year old guy died while trying to run five miles while eating a dozen Krispy Kreme donuts I would have said “That sounds about right.” He was pronounced dead after being taken to the hospital. 

This event is used to raise money for the North Carolina Children's Hospital in Raleigh, North Carolina. His friends have described him as fun and kind and even though he is not a runner this was something they weren't surprised he would attempt. The way this race goes is you run two and a half miles to a bell tower at the university, eat a dozen donuts, then run back to the start of the race totaling five miles. Now, one regular ass Krispy Kreme has 190 calories. To put that in perspective a can of Coke has 150. A dozen of these donuts is 2,280 calories. 3,500 equal about a pound. The idea of dumping that much shit into my body in such a short amount of time sounds like a terrible dare I wouldn't take. I have eaten some terrible shit and about once a week go all out on bad food like pork rinds, big ass burgers, or pizza. But I would never run that far, eat that much, and try to run back. Especially if I am 58 years old and not a regular runner. But for once they used the word challenge properly. 

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