Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Street Justice?

New York. This is a story where I am still trying to figure out if the punishment fit the crime. From reports this is what happened. 39 year old Phillip Pierre was supposed to sell a pair of Air Jordan 8 shoes for about $190. God, people pay a lot for shoes. Anyhoot, instead of buying the shoes 17 year old Zachary Sam decided to rob Phillip at gunpoint instead. This is all on video by the way. 

Zachary takes off running as Philip makes a u-turn and ends up ramming his vehicle against the kid. Zachary got away and headed home...without his arm. That's right. He had his arm severed by the vehicle. He actually made it to a bus where the driver stopped seeing how badly he was bleeding. This is what is known as street justice. Its illegal but super effective. Zachary was taken to the hospital where doctors attempted to attach his arm. He was well enough to eventually be arrested and charged with armed robbery. Philip has been charged with 2nd degree attempted murder. 

It seems like I keep coming across stories where everyone involved do something stupid that leads to even more stupid actions taking place. Should a grown ass man be selling shoes out of his car? No. Should a 17 year old own a gun? No. Should he have robbed the guy? No. Should he have run the kid over? Uh...no? See, in my life I have had five guns aimed at my face on three occasions (once was three police that thought I was a bank robber). I smiled each time because...issues. But I don't know what I would have done in this guys situation. A 39 year old father of three and this kid had the nerve to rob him at gunpoint? Sometimes you get upset when someone has the nerve to threaten to end your life. The kid lost an arm. A father is in prison. If I were a judge I don't know how I'd handle this.  

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