Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Underboob Pen Challenge

There was the Kylie Jenner ChallengeThe Condom Challenge. The Don't Judge Me Challenge. The Fire Challenge. The Knife Game. The Salt And Ice Challenge. Now there is the Underboob Pen Challenge other wise known as #underboobpenchallenge or #PenChallenge. Now, I hate most of these challenges because they aren't challenges so much as ways to ruin your face and body for life or just look like an assclown online. But this? This is a “challenge” I can get behind!

Started in Japan and China it made its way over here. Teen Vogue, which teaches girls how they should look and dressed with teen girls that starve themselves to death says “So do yourself a favor, and don't subject yourself to this latest body shaming social trend. Keep using your pens as writing instruments, not a measure of your worth.” If you gauge your self worth based on any internet trend you're already lost and this isn't gonna make you more lost. Like super fucking lost. I could have done this challenge in junior high because I was rocking mad boobs. Now there's nothing there. I wish some chicks I knew would send me some pictures doing this. But don't post it on Instagram or Twitter. That's fucking silly.  

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