Thursday, February 11, 2016

Lavardo Fisher Shooting

13 year old Lavardo Fisher of Florida is dead for a lot of stupid reasons. I read about this story and thought “This fucking sucks” and how easily it could have happened to me or anyone I knew growing up because when guns are in homes sometimes stupid shit happens. He was playing a video game when his 18 year old cousin Brandon Louis, while riding one of those new hoverboards, found their uncles gun. While riding he fell and fired the gun hitting Lavardo in the back of the head. He told an investigator “I didn't mean to shoot, it was an accident, the gun just went off.”

He was not breathing when paramedics showed up. He was in critical condition and died the next day at the hospital and his cousin has not been charged. Another cousin was also there when this happened as well as three women that were mentally challenged and visiting were there but did not witness anything. Police say that the two cousins tried to put the blame on something else before finally admitting what happened with blood on their clothes. They said someone named “Skeet” had brought the gun over and may have done this but police could not find this person. That's when they admitted they were lying their asses off.

The owner of the gun is 35 year old Walter Morame. He wasn't home when all of this happened but was charged with possession of a weapon by a felon. He denied that the weapon was his. He has a prior conviction of battery of a law enforcement officer back in 2006. As he was being led away in handcuffs he said “I love my nephew.” Lavardo played football at school and his coach spoke Lo Wood said “You think guns and you think negative - but that's not Lavardo. A lot of stuff starts at home and he had a great home and family. I can't even's just crazy in this society. I don't understand why people are that brave to even pick up a gun. And when it gets down to kids, that's crazy. When it gets to that point, something has to be done.”

In a situation like this I'm not even sure what can be done. Its already too late. There have been too many stories in the news that get into my bubble where there is no answer because what's done is done. This kid is dead because a stupid cousin doing two stupid ass things at once shot him because of an uncle that had a weapon he shouldn't have. You can't fix that situation.  

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