Sunday, February 7, 2016

Kid Uses Mothers Gun For Robbery

Ooh, some parents are shitty. Like, super shitty. In Florida this 8 year old boy stole his mothers gun and tried to rob a store. How did the kid get the gun? He just took it right out of her goddamn purse. She says he wanted to go to the park last Wednesday night. The fuck? You just let your kids go to parks at night? Your 8 year old kid?!

Here, son. Don't forget this!

Eboni Alls said to the news which was brave because I'd be ashamed to show my stupid face “When I grabbed my purse, it was so light. I knew I was missing something. I said 'where's my gun?' The first thing I thought was I hope Jaden doesn't have my gun.” Well, he did and he tried to rob a fucking store using it. I love how she hoped her dumb ass kid didn't have it and didn't call the cops to report that her gun was missing from her secure purse. He hopped on his bike, put on a disguise, and tried to get some cash.

The store employee named Robert Spinal said “I saw the boy take the gun. He said 'give me the money'.” They weren't sure if the gun was real but fuck that. The wrestled the gun from him and he tried to get away until cops came. So far the kid has not been charged with anything. He has been sent to some juvie place and can't go back to the store.

Now...if they had blown this kids face off because he tried to rob the place, real gun or not, there would be protests and an uproar. Extra police in Black neighborhoods as people marched for justice. If the kid had shot someone the news would be talking about how rough his life was an defending him. I say toss his ass in jail. Seriously. Yeah, I know he's only 8 years old. But get this? He stole a real gun and tried to rob a store! His mother? Toss her in while you're at it. Jail for everyone involved!  

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