Monday, November 10, 2014

Dante Vs. Nature 46

People do some stupid stuff when it comes to nature. I like to leave it alone. A few nights ago a bee got into my apartment. Now, bees shouldn't be around right now let alone around 7pm at night. This bee was stupid and met its end underneath a size 13 Converse. Then there are people that not only want to go into nature voluntarily, but they go into nature and dare it to do the last thing that you want nature to do to you.

A naturalist named Paul Rosolie wants to die before he reaches his 27th birthday. He plans on getting inside of an anaconda. Not, like, a dead one where he'll wear it like a suit. But get inside of it while it is alive, allowing himself to be eaten whole. Or swallowed. Eaten would imply death which is possible. That is why he designed a suit to keep that from happening.

Yeah. That is supposed to keep him alive. Animal groups are understandably upset that he plans to do this. There is no way that he and the anaconda are coming out of this nonsense alive. Its supposed to air on The Discovery Channel which I guess is competing with TLC as the new freak show network on the 7th of December. “If u know me—I would never hurt a living thing. But you'll have to watch #EatenAlive to find out how it goes down” Rosolie posted online. I have a feeling that none of this will actually even go down and it is just advertising for the network and this idiot. But if it does happen...I hope the anaconda wins. As much as I hate wildlife I hate idiots even more.

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