Thursday, November 27, 2014

Kids These Days 47

Its stories like this that make me happy that I'm not a kid these days. A mother named Andrea Stumpf called the cops on her 9 year old daughter and had her arrested and charged with battery after she hit her 6 year old sister in the head. When police arrived she, the mother, showed video footage she took of the incident to police instead of, say, stopping it from happening because fuck intervening. After seeing the footage the police arrested the kid.


If a kid was arrested for fighting their siblings in my house me and all my brothers would've been thrown in jail and I would have been tried for putting my sister in the Texas Cloverleaf. I am not going to guess what kind of parent this lady is. No father was mentioned so there's that. But why would you stand there and film your child getting hit by anyone? Why get the police involved unless the kid was just one of the asshole kids that have always existed and born bad? Don't act like they don't exist. We all knew a few growing up. I would never be able to live with or forgive one of my parents if they called the cops on me.

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