Thursday, November 27, 2014

Dante Vs. Nature 47

I was looking around online and came across a creature I didn't know existed. I know there are thousands and thousands of weird animals and insects and fish on this planet. Just a veritable mixture of bullshit that nature spits out and says to us “Accept this.” And I reply to nature “No.” This creature is called the Damascus goat and it creeps me right the fuck out.

Its not like there's some strange information about it other than it is bred in and raised in Syria and Lebanon for milk and giving me bad dreams. I mean, how could I have made it this long in my life and never seen this damned thing somewhere? That's what makes this even worse. The fact that it existed for so long without me knowing.

It uses nightmares for pillows.

If I were walking through the woods and saw this I would think that nature was punking me or that I'd happened to munch on some strange berry that perhaps I shouldn't have. What I would not think is that this monster was something that was natural in any sense.

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