Friday, August 8, 2014

Bye Bye Penis: Part 2 The Dickening

I recently wrote about a guy that went to an Alabama hospital for a circumcision and ended up having his dick chopped off or amputated as they say in the medical community called Bye Bye Penis. When I read that story I was all kinds of upset for the guy. But now more details are coming out and I was wrong in my defense of the guy. I wish they had chopped his brain out while they were at it. Johnny Lee Banks Jr. you stand accused of being a buffoon. I call shenanigans on both you and your lying ass wife! A judge ruled that Banks and his wife did not have sufficient details regarding their case but could file again in a month or so. The hospital is like “Yeah, good luck with that.”
One of the problems is that Banks and his wife did not provide specific times and dates for when this alleged penis detachment occurred. Me, I'm not all that great with recalling dates but guess which date I would be able to easily tell you. The day my dick got lobbed off!

Turns out that Banks is 59, has more health issues than the Medical Journal, and has that bionic ass diabetes that has already cost him his legs. His lawyer says this is a tragedy and that they will file a suit within a month because fuck the system.
An attorney for the hospital say that what Banks is saying happened never even happened and are pretty confident that if Banks tries to sue again that it will be tossed out once again. An attorney representing the hospital says that Banks had a lot of health problems including the diabetes, heart disease, and kidney failure. Yes, he did visit the hospital but that was back in February and that was only done because he had honked up circulatory issues from the diabetes. The hospital also wants damages against Banks because their name has been dragged through the mud because of this so called lawsuit.
I normally side with the little man (ha!) but in this case this guy can go fuck himself. No. Wait. He can't because his penis somehow fell off! What in this hell is going on here?! This may just be another case of one of this case grabs that are becoming more popular where folks hope that businesses don't want bad publicity and will just pay them off to keep quiet. I don't know what a dickless man with no legs will do in jail but maybe we are close to finding out. That seriously sounds like the beginning of the worst joke.

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