Thursday, August 7, 2014

People Continue To Scare Me With Surgery

Why do people like creeping me out? I've already written about that scary Barbie chick and that guy that got surgery to appear Korean. Now this 20 year old guy in Brazil has gotten surgery to look like a real life Ken Doll. Celso Santebanes has spent more than $50,000 for this nonsense fest. “The human Ken bachelor is looking for his Barbie. Who wants to be my girlfriend? After all no one is happy alone.” I don't know a woman alive that would look at this guy and think that it was a good idea to date him. This all started when he was 16 and his friends told him that he looked like a Ken doll after a modeling competition. Those friends ought to be ashamed of themselves. This guy may not realize it, but he has signed on for a lifetime of getting more and more surgery to keep this scary theme going. You don't just get surgery like this, clap your hands, and go about your life. I like Batman but you know what I'm not gonna go and do? Get Batman surgery because I'm kind of a rational human being. Folks need to cut this shit out. Now pardon me while I go prep for my surgery to look like Carl Weathers.  

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