Monday, August 4, 2014

The Champion Of Stupid

I have never understood someone being guilty and when caught doing some extra guilty shit. 32 year old Terrence Lewis of Indiana doesn't think like me so he has no problem compounding wrong with wronger. Before a search in jail he had stuffed his ass full of weed and tobacco. Last Friday during the search police say they saw something sticking from his ass which has to be the worst part of this cops day, really. Lewis, when confronted, snatched the bag from his ass and shoved it into his mouth. He eventually spit it into his hand and gave it to police who then added narcotics possession and attempting to smuggle narcotics into a lockup. But since nasty ass Lewis doesn't seem all that bright he figured that he may as well go all in and got into a fight with a cellmate the next day.
Lewis got into trouble for assaulting his cellmate because the guy, 60 year old James Brown, farted and Lewis didn’t like that. He punched him twice in the face making his eye swell and his nose bleed. Brown was taking to a hospital after that. Lewis then had a new charge of assault added to his list of silly shit. Now, the reason why Lewis was in jail stuffing drugs up his booty hole and mouth then beating up old, gassy men is because he turned himself in after getting a warrant for shooting two guys in the leg early last month. What a champion this guy is! He is being held on $52,100 bond. He needs to be like that one dude that got locked up and forgotten about because, come on. That is my legal take and response to this. Come on.

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