Sunday, August 3, 2014

She's A Superfreak

In West Virginia a woman was photographed and reported by neighbors walking a man down the street on a leash. The man also had a hood over his head, his ankles bonded, and had “an unidentified object sticking out of his anus.” Sadly, I know exactly what this was due to my seven years of selling porn and sex toys. The guy who was being walked Robert Deyell by his 56 year old girlfriend isn’t reported to be in trouble. But Barbara Jean “BJ” Geardello, 53, is. She told police that is was a sex game and that she neither of them meant any harm by it. Robert let police know that he was willing and wasn’t hurt. When talking to investigators Barbara told them that she was upset that a passerby called her a “freak.” Look. Now. Look. Okay. Damn it. I know that everyone has a thing that they are into whether they realize it or not. But some folks can get a bit too carried away with it. Like these two. If I saw this that early in the damned day I would have an issue with it. That kinda shit doesn’t need to be seen until after 2pm.

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