Friday, August 22, 2014

Girl Suspended For Saying Bless You/Not Following The Rules

This 17 year old girl from Tennessee was suspended for saying bless you to a fellow student in class. Well, when you say it like that it sounds kinda crazy, right? As usual there's more to it than that. There's a teacher at Dyer County High School that doesn't play that shit and sent Kendra Turner to the principal's office where she sat for the rest of the day. She wasn't sent home. Her mother didn't come and get her and have a conference. She went to the fucking office and sat. “She said that we're not going to have godly speaking in her class, and that's when I said we have a constitutional right” Kendra said. Eventually Kendra's parents met with school leaders and the teacher who gave her the “suspension” who said that Kendra was being disruptive and aggressive.

The teacher had already had a posted list of words that she didn't want used in her class which I'll get into later. But it clearly shows “bless you” as being one of the things she didn't want said in her class. Kendra felt differently and said it was her constitutional right to say bless you because she is 17 and 17 year old's are dumb as shit. I've been learning the constitution (click here to check that nonsense out) and shit isn't as cut and dry as people want you to believe. Kids are wearing shirts that say bless you on them in support of a girl who didn't really get suspended!

Here is what she wrote on her Twitter. “Today my teacher sent me to the office Bc Someone sneezed and I said bless you. She said we do not do Godly speaking in my class. I stood up for my belief and said I have a constitutional right to speak about My God!! So if any other teacher wants to get on to me for sticking up for my religion then go right ahead bc in the end I will win bc I'm doing what God wants me to do!!! Thank you to the rest of my class for defending me when I got sent out! Love my class! Especially Emileigh Newman!! ‪#‎ImStandingMyGround‬ #‎MyGodIsStronger‬‪#‎SorrynotSorry‬”

She did not just say she is standing her ground, did she? And why are people always shoving their god in people's faces? NFL players score a touchdown and cross themselves but let's see what happens if a Muslim scored and bowed his head to the ground praising Allah. But that won't happen. Muslim schedule their prayers. Anyhoot, I remember a teacher in school losing her shit when this one girl kept sneezing and every time she did at least six people would say “Bless you!” After the third one I was over the shit. She's not dying. She's spraying germs. I don't even say bless you to anyone seriously. I say it when people hiccup because it is absurd to bless someone for sneezing. I decided to see where this came from and here's what I found out.

This shit started thousands of years ago when Romans would say “Jupiter preserve you” or “Salve” which translates to “good health to you” while Greeks would wish “long life.” Know why? Because back in the day if you sneezed on Monday you were dead by Wednesday! It wasn't until the sixth century when God got attached to it and Pope Gregory the Great started saying “God bless you” during a plague of black death. Later Germans brought “gesundheit” to America.

The principal said this is not a religious issue but a disturbing the class issue but that won't get attention. Kendra continued by saying “It's alright to defend God. It's our constitutional right because we have a freedom of religion and freedom of speech.” I hate the freedom of speech argument. As a human that has the ability to speak you can say what you want, but you do know there are consequences to saying certain things in front of certain people or in certain places. Can you drop an n-bomb? Sure. But don't be shocked when you're eating out of a straw later. Can you shout fire in a theater? Yeah. But you'll be arrested for causing a disturbance. If you are told not to say particular words in particular environments then obey the rules.

“I want God to be able to be talked about in school. I want them to realize that God is in control and they're not” Kendra also said. Not everyone believes in god period or your specific god! You know them Romans I mentioned earlier? There was no bible back then. They had a slew of gods. Here is the list of what the teacher didn't want said in class. Stupid. Dumb. Boring. Stuff. I don't know. Other peer expressions. Bless you. Hang out. My bad. I don't disagree with anything she has on her list. I would add LOL, Thx, and writing words with numbers. There are teachers fucking kids that don't get crucified (see what I did there?) the way people online are doing to this teacher for enforcing the rules she clearly has posted in class. This girl needs to sit down and shut up. There are far more important battles to fight like this Ebola shit. 

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