Sunday, September 21, 2014

Buff Babe Beats Boyfriend

A body builder by the name of Dani Reardon is in trouble for beating up her boyfriend in Orange County, Florida while she was drunk. She didn't stop there because she decided that it would be cool to kick his windshield in as well. She doesn't appear to be the kind of woman that you'd want to get liquored up. It's hard enough trying to control a normal sized woman when she is drunk what with the stabilizing her and keeping her from puking all over the place. She jumped her man, yanked his plants out, and smashed his windshield and he still didn't want to press charges. After she screamed at the police they tossed her into the back of the patrol car and she started to smash her head into the cage that separates the cops from the perps. She is only 24 years old and 4'11” tall. Woe be she who has to share the cell with a drunk bodybuilder.  

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