Monday, September 8, 2014

Texting Girl Kills Great-Grandmother

20 year old Abby E. Sletten of North Dakota was charged with negligent homicide after rear ending a vehicle while going 85mph (that's 136km for the rest of the world). Now, of course I don't write about regular ass car wrecks because those happen all the time. I'm writing about this one because this girl was on her Facebook and texting while driving and I am so sick of people doing this shit all the time. The reason she is being charged with homicide is because the SUV that she hit had a family inside and she killed a 89 year old great-grandmother named Phyllis Gordon of Minnesota. Police said after searching Sletten's phone they “determined that [she] was viewing pictures on her Facebook application at the time of the crash” and “Sletten had also sent and received several text messages since she departed from Fargo.” The patrol made the determination that the car was going between 84 and 86mph “suggested the possibility that Sletten may have not seen the vehicle in front of her or that she was possibly distracted while driving.”

Gordon, the great-grandmother was a passenger in a car that also had her granddaughter, 34 year old Jennifer L. Myers driving, and Myers' daughter. They survived the accident with injuries. I must also note that the SUV they were in was making a slow U-turn when Sletten hit them. CPR was tried on Gordon but was unsuccessful. Sletten has no memory of the accident. Gordon leaves behind her husband who she farmed with, three children, eight grandchildren, and 17 great-grandchildren. Is there gonna come a point where people get hard time for texting while driving? I know most people do it and they get to home, work, or shopping just fine doing it multiple times. But all it takes is that one time to ruin someone elses family and life because you were being irresponsible. Fuck tickets. Licenses need to be taken away forever. I'm about to head out and I guarantee that I will see a minimum of twenty people doing this. It's just not worth it, people.  

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