Wednesday, September 24, 2014

The Bench Guys

For those that do not know, for almost six years I was a writer for Tha O Show. It was a podcast as well as articles about wrestling, MMA, and music. It expanded and became a whole new beast. Eventually it was closed down and I was left with no place to afflict my writing on that wasn't one of my own sites. I love writing for The Nation of O and still miss it.

But now a new day has dawned!

The Bench Guys is a new site started by a bunch of dudes that like basketball. “Dante, you wouldn't know a basketball from a football!” I disagree, sir! I have made it my life's mission to know a little about a lot and I know a little something about most sports. When Donnie was hyping this site I wished that I could help out in some way. During a conversation I mentioned that if anything I could contribute gossip.

I fucking love gossip.

So far I have written three articles in the past three weeks. The rest of the site has humor, articles, and opinion pieces that you should check out even if you aren't a fan of the basketball. You can at least sound like you know what you're talking about when the topic comes up.

Support me and the rest of the crew by clicking the site, sharing it on your fancy social medias, and telling a friend that may be interested about it.  


Anonymous said...

Good news! I heard about The Bench on Facebook and I cant wait for the podcast to start. Will you be on that too?

Dante said...

If they want an uninformed opinion, I guess I could be on it.