Thursday, September 4, 2014

Hater Ruins Awesome Birthday

This is the picture of a hater. Look at this guy. Antonia Flores Narcisso, 42, of San Antonio, Texas was arrested for attacking his roommate that was celebrating his 35th birthday. Was he mad that he didn't get no cake? Well, yes. In a sense. You see, Antonio was mad that his roommate was making too much noise while having sex with two women. According to reports he kicked down the door and complained about the noise and his roommate told him to get out of the room because he was getting his bang on. Antonio didn't like that so he got a knife from the kitchen (as opposed to those awesome bathroom blades) and stabbed him in the head, back, and hands. He went to the hospital and the women were able to pick Antonio from a lineup. This happened in May and he was just arrested. He was charged with burglary of a habitation with the intent to commit felony force. Or just being a hater. The roommate is fine now but has either the best or worst birthday story depending on how you look at it.  

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