Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Groom Ruins Wedding With Drunken Brawl

You know one of the best things about weddings? The booze. The other best thing? Fights! Mark Williams of Pittsburgh was arrested for being a dumbass. Mark, the groom, got wasted and harassed one of the waitresses. According to a criminal complaint he grabbed her by the side and hip and tried to pour booze down her throat even after she told him that she was pregnant. She called her boyfriend and after the riverboat docked her was waiting to kick some drunk groom ass. Yeah, I forgot to mention that this was the groom doing this shit. So the boyfriend starts fighting Mark and Mark's brother David Williams, a state trooper, got involved. Mark was charged with resisting arrest, disorderly conduct, harassment, public drunkenness, and riots wile his brother David was charged with resisting arrest after hitting on of the police in the arm. The bride went home alone and should seriously reconsider who the hell she married. If he acts like this the day of his wedding imagine how he'll be by their first anniversary. And I didn't know grooms got hammered on the wedding day. I thought that was a best man fuck up. The waitresses boyfriend was also unfairly arrested. 

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